Services & Comfort

The b&b Trieste Plus offers premium and exlusive services with a cheap price like an hotel. All the rooms are designed with attention to details, furnished to offer you the maximum comfort like your house.

Each room has:

  • Private Bathroom
  • HairDryer
  • Bathroom accessories
  • TV LED 32'' with satellite channels
  • Free Wi-Fi

Furthermore throught and automatic system is possible to do the checkin/checkout in any time of the day or the night (with a PIN code is possible to pick up the keys from a box situated on the main door). At the checkin thekeys will be given you that you could holdalways with you without any time constraint.
The checkin at the arrive, normally, must be done after the 2 pm and the checkout on departure by 11:30 am.

The change of sheets/bed linen/towels is done every 3 days and always at each change of guests. In this way from one side you could save money with your reservation of more days and from the other you could have the maximum freedom without nobody that will disturb you.

The bed and breakfast is situated in a very important zone of the city (near the main railway station) and also for this is one of the few zones of Trieste in which is possible to find a free park. For those who want anyway to park the car in a safe area is possible to use the convention with the nearby pay parking.

The Breakfast

The Breakfast at b&b Trieste Plus is good, abundant and smart.

GOOD becouse are server fresh products bought at the nearby patisseries or supermarkets (for a regional law all the produducts are prepacked);

ABUNDANT becouse we know that the breakfast is one of the most important moment of the day and it's a good thing to feel better and to enjoy the city;

SMART becouse the breakfast is served in the breakfast room 24h/24. In this way you could choose when and where eat it (maybe walking by the streets of Trieste)