Settembre 30, 2021

Orchard Management Agreement

All cultivated and rented orchards are also harvested, packaged and stored in a cool place by the DMS team. This comprehensive package gives producers the certainty that their fruit is in expert hands. Leases range from land rent to incentive options, combined with management options offered at a per-hectare rate or hourly advisory fees. DMS organizes all export logistics in collaboration with its Supply Chain Manager G4 Kiwi Supply. The key role of G4 Kiwi Supply is the contract and management of the supply of kiwifruit to the distributor on behalf of the delivery units and their producers. These include the provision of contract negotiations, packaging allocation, distribution, inventory management and logistics services (port and transport). As a result, when packaging and storing fruit equipped with powerful systems developed as part of stock management, great care is taken to ensure that the DMS offers uncompromising quality. Grower and registered supplier contract between The Grower and Trevelyan Growers Limited With over 500 hectares of fruit leased and harvested in the Bay of Plenty, DMS is one of the largest kiwi management companies in New Zealand. When it comes to fruit packaging and storage, DMS recognizes that every piece of fruit exported is an asset for producers. By maximizing the potential of your kiwi crop – from size to taste – you will maximize the potential of your business. In a world of change and uncertainty, we pride ourselves on being a company you can always count on. This is due to the fact that Trevelyan`s Pack and Cool Ltd strives to put the needs of producers first. Normally, on the way to the season, we focus on the previous year and the improvements we have implemented for the coming season.

But the beginning of this harvest has given us a whole new environment in which we can work. When it comes to Trevelyan`s, we have defined a clear sustainability framework that supports our operation. This framework is based on three main columns; Work smart, walk easily and respect our people. Our focus on these three pillars allows us to turn the challenges we faced into new opportunities…

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