Settembre 30, 2021

Oley Valley School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

PTS, Inc. is looking for a certified school psychologist for local school districts: * Search for therapists per day to perform assessments or makeup sessions as needed during normal school hours. A school psychologist is required for a school district in Reading, PA. The borough strives to fill the full-time position as quickly as possible with a contract for the 20/21 school. Senior: Oley Valley School District is a wonderful place to learn, and I am very proud to be a district student. It is filled with caring and compassionate teachers and offers great resources for both possibilities during district enrollment and for continuing education. The school district is located in a small town, and I appreciate that it uses its surroundings and adopts many of the traditions of a small-town community, such as annual fairs and festivals, apple picking and press sessions and line dancing. Students often attend oley Valley at university and say they are more proficient than their peers in their classes and that the Oley Valley School District has prepared them very well. If I were to criticize the district, I would ask that it be more open to change to meet the wishes of the community. I am eternally grateful to have attended this school! Read 24 comments Alum: I loved my school because of the community around it and the teachers who make the school experience enjoyable and successful for all their students. The community between all the students is amazing, and it was really like a family because we took care of each other. The teachers really took care of you as a person before they were a student, and it was so special to me, and they listened to me.

The only thing I would change in my school is leadership and administration. Sometimes they create stupid, juvenile rules, or treat students like children, even though they always talk about how they try to teach us to be working adults. I think they should be a little more flexible with rules like phone use, because students won`t learn how to control that use if they don`t find themselves in situations where they actually have to make that decision for themselves. Overall, however, my school experience at SV has been amazing! Read 50 Senior reviews: Exeter is a very good school. Exeter offers many science and technology courses. Exeter offers activities in metallurgy, carpentry workshop, introduction to technology and photography. These courses allow students interested in engine technology and design to gain basic knowledge about the skills needed for a career in engineering. Exeter also offers many science courses such as chemistry, biology, earth and space sciences and physics. I used the science courses Exeter taught to get the basics I need to pursue my goal of becoming a nurse. Read 67 comments Alaun: In general, I think Weiser was a good school. There are some obvious problems, such as the gross amount of financial resources and attention that is directed to the science department and the blatant disregard for the arts and humanities.

The move to hybrid is arguably also one of the worst decisions, especially because it`s not a convenient format for every classroom and good teachers are already doing a good job of engaging their students. Nevertheless, I think that, from an administrative point of view, Weiser`s problems are identified by the fact that some of the best teachers are paid in this way. With the exception of some employees who show irritating amounts preferably, teachers all really take care of their students and want them to succeed. . . .

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